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About Leslie

Leslie runs a busy clinic in Tunbridge Wells Kent, as well as Eastbourne/Pevensey Bay, East Sussex. In her clinics she combines naturopathic therapeutics with principles of Chinese medicine/acupuncture. 

Apart from having trained as a naturopath & acupuncturist, Leslie has a BEd in music, theology and German, and worked as a clinical supervisor and visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster. 

In her spare time, Leslie practices qigong, yoga and meditation on a regular basis, has a love for eastern philosophy and traveling, enjoys art & photography, going for long walks in the countryside and being creative in her garden and the kitchen. 

Having experienced the benefits of a more natural and holistic approach to health herself, Leslie feels inspired to encourage her clients to become more empowered, and to take control of their own health and well-being. As the mother of two children, she has a special interest in educating parents and young people about the crucial role nutrition and lifestyle play in the support and maintenance of emotional and physical health.

Education and Certifications

University of Westminster

BSc (Hons), Complementary Therapies/Naturopathy


University of Westminster

BSc (Hons), M.R.N Lic Ac MBAcC

2009 - 2012

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