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First Appointment

Initial Consultation 1 hr 30min 

Follow Up Appointment

Further Treatment Session 1 hr

Child Appointment

Treatment Session 1 hr 


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments or sessions needed depends on your individual condition.
At first I will normally ask to see you once or twice a week. You may start to feel benefits after the first or second treatment although long-standing and chronic conditions usually need more time to improve.

Once your health has stabilised you may need top-up treatments every few weeks.

Traditional acupuncture is also very effective when used as preventive healthcare and many people like to go for a ‘retuning’ session at the change of each season throughout the year.

Payment for Treatments

Payment for treatment sessions is required at the appointment.

You may pay for your treatment by:-

  1. CARD, CASH or BACS (BACS payment required on day of receiving the treatment.)

  2. Heath Insurance Policy 
    (NB. Patients are required to pay up front for their treatment before claiming back the cost by submitting a receipt.)

Missed or Cancelled Appointments

I appreciate that unavoidable circumstances may dictate that you are not able to attend a pre-booked appointment. Should this be the case, please let me know immediately to release the appointment for another patient.

If you can't make your appointment,

Please let me know!

07817 006 620

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